YONO is the world's first in-ear ovulation predictor, and measures Basal Body Temperature (BBT), tracks user data and provides relevant information to women trying to conceive or not. YONO Labs welcomes partners who share our goal of promoting greater women's health. We’re passionate about helping women manage their overall health and track other symptoms associated with ovulation.


Resellers + Distributors

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Health Partnerships

YONO provides a highly accurate measurement of a woman’s basal body temperature. Whether you’re a physician, obstetrician/gynecologist, or reproductive endocrinologist, YONO could help you evaluate and treat your patients in a whole new way. With YONO, you can:

  • Track data easily – measure core body temperature
  • Promote patient engagement and self-monitoring
  • Equip your practice with the latest technologies
  • Improve outcomes for your patients

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