Why Stress Can Keep you from getting Pregnant?

When trying to conceive, you probably get loads of advice from everybody you know. One piece of advice that is always being thrown around is trying to stay stress-free when attempting to conceive. This is a great piece of advice to follow but knowing the reasoning behind staying stress-free is also a key factor when trying to conceive and during ovulation.

One of the main reasons behind remaining stress-free while trying to conceive is due to the bodies adrenal and endocrine system. In order to successfully conceive the body’s progesterone, a hormone that is produced in the ovaries, level must stay elevated.  Progesterone levels are very important when striving to conceive and having a successful pregnancy.

When we are ovulating our basal body temperature rises. At the same time of ovulation our bodies progesterone’s rise as well, if progesterone drops then that either means we have started our cycle or a miscarriage has happened. When the body is stressed it produces a hormone called cortisol, which helps us cope with the stress we are under. Cortisol is made up with the same hormones as progesterone and when stressed out, our body sends all those hormones to deal with the issue causing us stress, meaning fertility is placed on the back burner.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with stress and let your body know that you are ready to conceive. Eating foods that are rich in magnesium will help replenish the progesterone that is lost to cortisol. Trying yoga has also shown to lower cortisol levels significantly due to the breathing practices that are done during yoga. Meditation is also a great way to calm the vagus nerves. Calming these nerves helps regulate stress and the hormones surrounding it, meaning our progesterone levels will be higher which will help us conceive.

These are just a few remedies to help cope with stress while trying to conceive. There are numerous methods out there, so pick your favorite and stick with it to ensure you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.