TTC Tips: Your 3-month Game Plan for Pregnancy

The time has come to begin your family but where do you even start in the first place? Before you begin trying to conceive, check out this three-month guide to help prepare you for pregnancy. If you are already in the process of trying to conceive, don’t worry, this three-month guide to preparing for pregnancy can still help you out.

3-Months Prior

Check out your medicine cabinet

When you’re feeling under the weather you usually don’t think twice about taking a medication to make yourself feel better. Well once you’re pregnant you have to start thinking what can and will affect your pregnancy. The best thing is to go through your cabinets three-months before pregnancy to help get rid of medications you probably shouldn’t be taking. If you are unsure what can harm your pregnancy, then just consult with a doctor.

Decide when you want to begin trying to conceive

If you are using birth control to help prevent pregnancy, now is the time to start deciding when you should stop. Birth control methods like condoms and diaphragms aren’t something to worry about when trying to conceive, but if you are on the pill you might want to decide when the best time to get off of it will be. Sometimes it can take a woman a few months before they begin ovulating again after stopping the pill, so if you are trying to conceive, talk about when the best time will be to stop taking the pill.

See a dentist

You may think this is a little weird but your oral health is just as important as your physical health when trying to get pregnant. When visiting a doctor x-rays and medication is sometimes needed and when you are pregnant, those are things you can’t have. Be on the safe side and three-months before pregnancy go see a dentist to make sure that perfect smile is actually perfect.

2-Months Prior

Start Taking Folic Acid

Studies have shown that taking Folic Acid while pregnant can help protect the baby from birth defects. It is best to start taking a folic acid supplement before becoming pregnant because sometimes we don’t know until six to eight weeks in that we are pregnant. By taking Folic Acid before conceiving it helps ensure your body has a good amount of what it needs from the start.

Weight matters

As horrible as it sounds your weight is a huge factor during pregnancy. Talk to a doctor about a healthy weight for you to be at and try to be within fifteen pounds of that goal weight before becoming pregnant. If you are under-weight you can also have fertility issues or have a baby with issues like low-birth-weight and anemia. A few months before pregnancy is the perfect time to shed those few extra pounds and for all you know you may find an exercise you love doing.

1-Month Prior

Change up your diet

It’s time to stop getting fast food for dinner and begin fueling your body with whole grains and vitamins. You want to eat food that is rich in iron and calcium and may want to consider taking a multivitamin when trying to conceive. Dad’s also need to make sure they are on a good diet and get plenty of folic acid, zinc, and vitamin C which are vital for ideal sperm production and quality. Starting about a month before trying to get pregnant will help you get into a good eating habit when you are pregnant.

Slow down on the alcohol and caffeine intake

Drinking alcohol is never safe when pregnant and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that you stop drinking entirely when you start trying to conceive. Dad’s need to also slow down their drinking too because alcohol can lower sperm count. As for caffeine you don’t have to completely cut it out but limit yourself where you can. Studies show that women who drink over 300 mg daily or more of caffeine make have fertility problems and an increased risk of miscarriage. Just make sure you drink only one Starbucks in a day.

These are just a handful of helpful tips to look at three-months before trying to get pregnant. We hope our three-month pregnancy guide helps you on your conceiving journey.