Strategies to Increase your Fertility with YONO

Relax and Meditate

It takes time to conceive, so be kind to yourself, especially if it’s not happening right away. Simply put, stress decreases your fertility. Some stress management techniques include meditation or progressive relaxation, otherwise known as slowly relaxing each muscle in your body. But you don’t need to whip out the candles and the yoga mat unless you want to- it can also just be as simple as sitting quietly and taking deep breaths.

Guys, Let it Breathe

Sperm’s happy place is a cool environment- and synthetic non-breathing fabrics, hot baths and tubs, tight fitting briefs and jeans, and even laptop computers can increase your scrotal temperature. So, men, throw on your comfy loose gym shorts and put your laptop on your desk for increased sperm count.

Change your Lubricant

Although some doctors say it’s best not to use lubricant while trying to conceive, for some women, lubricant is simply essential. But when it comes to conception, just as essential is what kind. Some lubricants, especially water-based lubricants (and obviously those which contain spermicide), are not “sperm friendly” and inhibit the travel of the sperm to the uterus. Luckily, nowadays there are many sperm friendly lubricants on the market, and a little bit of searching to find the perfect one can make all the difference. Make sure you pick one that’s vagina friendly too!

Work on your health

Over and underweight women are statistically less likely to conceive. Even changing your body weight by 5% might increase your chances. Exercise can also help increase the probability of conception, and can help reduce your stress levels during the potentially challenging time of trying to conceive.

Cut coffee, booze, and smoking

Cigarettes are bad for babies in utero, but they’re also bad for your eggs. The toxins in cigarettes can cause ovaries to age more quickly, and decrease your fertility. Over consumption of alcohol can mess with estrogen levels, and harm developing fetuses. And if you’re a major java hound, lowering your intake of caffeine can also help increase your chances of conception.

Know when you’re most fertile by charting BBT

BBT, or basal body temperature, can help signal when your body regularly releases eggs. Charting this can be a tricky process- you have to take your temperature at the same time, before you get out of bed every morning, and chart it accurately for several months in order to begin to see the patterns in your fertility. Thankfully, technology has stepped in and made our lives a little easier. YONO is an affordable, unobtrusive BBT monitor. With YONO, you don’t have to chart BBT yourself- you can trust your YONO to do it for you. Then, you can observe the patterns and find your most likely time to conceive.