Should You Take a Break from the Pill Before Trying to Conceive?

Starting a family is a very important goal in a lot of people’s lives. Planning ahead before getting pregnant is always a great thing to do and in order to do so, getting onto the pill is a great way to prevent a surprise pregnancy. Now the time has come to begin that perfect family but now you’re wondering, should you be taking a break from the pill before trying to conceive?

The simple answer to that question is no, you do not need to take a break between the pill when you are trying to conceive. The pill contains either progesterone, estrogen, or it could have a mixture of both and these elements helps prevent ovulation, helps coagulate the cervical mucus which then can block sperm, and helps makes your uterine lining unfriendly to an embryo, which are all things that are helpful in protecting yourself from getting pregnant. The number one thing with the pill is to make sure you take it daily, otherwise your body’s natural hormones will go back to normal, hence making it easier and more likely for you to get pregnant.

When you stop taking the pill in preparation to try to conceive it usually takes your body about three months or so to start ovulating regularly once again. A woman’s ovulation can change though depending on the person, some start ovulating much sooner after stopping the pill, while others can take a little more time.  If you are a woman who has been on the pill for a while, it could be a little more challenging when trying to conceive, only because it will take your body a little bit longer of time to get used to having normal cycles again. Don’t let this matter derail you attempts at trying to conceive though!

One issue women face after stopping the pill and trying to conceive is post-pill amenorrhea. Post-pill amenorrhea is when your period doesn’t begin right away after stopping the pill. If this becomes an issue, then it is recommended to speak with a doctor but normally your period will be back to normal within three months after stopping the pill. Some women can get pregnant within the first month of stopping the pill and try to conceive, there are many possibilities and you won’t really know which you are until it finally happens. If you somehow become pregnant while still on the pill, don’t worry. Research has shown that taking the pill while pregnant will most likely not cause any birth defects, just make sure you stop taking the pill once you know you’re pregnant or even have the slightest thought that you may be pregnant.

After stopping the pill and your ovulation resumes, you can become pregnant! If you do not become pregnant right away, don’t fear, even healthy couples can take up to a year to get pregnant and that is totally normal. It is always a safe bet to talk with your doctor when you are trying to conceive because they can help set you on the right path, answer any of your questions, and make sure you are healthy and ready to conceive when you stop taking the pill.  We hope this post helped answer any question you may have about taking a break from the pill before you try to conceive.