Getting Pregnant After A Miscarriage: When Should You Start Charting Again?

The heartbreak that comes after miscarriage is overwhelming, and so first and foremost, we’d like to acknowledge that our deepest sympathies are with you during this difficult time. Around 10-20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. No matter how far along you are at the time of your miscarriage, it’s a significant loss that comes with a wide range of emotions.

Can You Start Charting For Ovulation Immediately After Miscarriage?

When to start charting ovulation after miscarriage is a deeply personal decision that can only be made by you and your doctor. Some women need time to recoup, while others want to start trying again right away. Your doctor may recommend waiting at least one cycle before trying to conceive again, say for instance if your miscarriage was related to a treatable issue such as a short luteal phase. As long as your doctor gives you the green light, you can begin charting immediately after miscarriage.

When Do You Start Your New Chart?  

Your new chart can start on the first day of your miscarriage, or on the day of your D&C (dilation and curettage), if D&C is required. It’s important to note that some women experience abnormal temperatures after miscarriage, or may not start ovulating for 6 weeks or so. The amount of time it takes for you to start ovulating again after miscarriage varies, so don’t let it discourage you.

After miscarriage-related bleeding ceases, your basal temperature will imply signs of ovulation. You may ovulate in as little as 2 weeks or closer to 6 weeks. You’ll know you are fertile again when your basal temperature mimics your pre-miscarriage patterns. Look out for these sustained temperature shifts that indicate ovulation.  

Charting Ovulation After Miscarriage Is Easier & More Accurate Than Ever With YONO

Trying to conceive after going through a miscarriage can be emotionally draining, as you simultaneously experience feelings on opposite ends of the spectrum, such as loss and hope. Regardless if you have a strong support system or not, it’s a very difficult experience to go through. On your toughest days, just remember that after miscarriage most women go on to have healthy pregnancies that turn into beautiful babies. YONO can help reduce stress and increase accuracy when charting ovulation.

YONO is a comfortable earpiece worn while you sleep at night. You don’t even know it’s there, but all the while it’s tracking your daily basal temperature with superior accuracy. The earpiece easily syncs with your smartphone and displays all data on a sleek graph. The YONO App analyzes data collected by the earpiece in order to create a personalized prediction of your monthly fertility window. By pairing the power of technology with an ongoing collection of your natural basal temperature, YONO predicts ovulation patterns and increases  your chances of conceiving.