How We Process Your Data

YONO earbud takes body temperature data, every five minutes, during sleep. As of today, YONO Labs has a database of over 10K nights of sleeping temperature data, and the amount of data keeps growing. 

Here is an example of overnight temperature data from YONO earbud. There is some noise data caused by lying on the ear, or moving the head during the sleep. Based on the many nights of data collected by YONO earbud, we know when temperatures increase, or drop suddenly, because of different scenarios that happened during sleep. YONO developed a machine-learning algorithm, based on this knowledge, to correct the noise data: 


After applying the machine-learning algorithm, we obtained the smoothed chart.

On average, YONO collects 60 - 120 data points for each customer every night, and about 1800 - 3600 data points for each cycle. With all this data, we used YONO fertility algorithms to plot the monthly fertility map for our customers. Here is an example: 


YONO algorithm goes further than most fertility APPs, which only record the data for customers. YONO Fertility APP not only records and shows the data graph for customers, but also tells the customers when temperature changes happen. YONO Fertility algorithm finds "ovulation dips" (i.e. tiny temperature drops), which happen right before ovulation, as well as temperature spikes, which happen after ovulation.

YONO Labs keeps improving our product. We are working with testing users to train our algorithm to make predictions more and more accurate. YONO Labs is also partnering with research institutes on several projects, which can bring great value to women's lives.