Lesson 27 – Managing Your Cycle Data

Lesson Objectives:

  • Learn how to manage and organize your fertility data.

Major Points in this Lesson:

  • Tracking your fertility data can help you find patterns and trends in your cycle which allows you more control over your health.

  • By keeping your cycle data properly managed, you can better communicate with your healthcare provider and look back on previous months’ cycle patterns.

Charting your cycle data provides a number of benefits. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to stay organized and better in control of your reproductive health. When you have visible data of your cycles, you are also able to communicate with your healthcare provider more effectively. Charting also provides a means for spotting common trends and patterns if the chart is maintained over six or more consecutive months. 

The YONO App

Getting pregnant is not always easy. If you’re having trouble conceiving, fertility tracking can help you determine your ovulation window for better odds of conception. One of the most common ways women track their fertility is via their basal body temperature (BBT). 

Using an in-ear thermometer, women can take their temperature each morning upon waking. Due to innovative enhancements in technology, recording the data has never been easier. YONO offers the world’s first in-ear ovulation predictor along with a convenient app that records input from users and interprets BBT charts.

The in-ear thermometer differs from other tools on the market as it measures only core body temperature instead of skin temperature. The silicone-encased earpiece can be worn all night and data is automatically collected multiple times. The YONO app then uses the readings to plot a monthly BBT chart. Once the information has been analyzed using unique algorithms, the app can predict the monthly fertile window. 

YONO’s algorithms are based on more than 10 thousand pieces of overnight temperature data and 100 cycles from real users. As no data transmission is performed during use, the earpiece is entirely safe. The earbud only syncs and begins the transfer process when the thermometer is stored in the base station. With tools like YONO, you can better manage and organize your fertility data which maximizes your chances of becoming pregnant when you want to the most.